Thursday, March 09, 2006


1. Fish Hoek catwalk: 'In Memory of Bill S'

I've been parked by your plaque, Bill, looking out to sea
where once you must have looked as rollers snaked white tresses
up Muizenberg beach, and the southeaster boiled up
the bay. Today a northwester is peeling wavelets back
off white cheek; nimbus curdles the berg top. I wouldn't mind
going here, sailing over the peak as a cloud shadow
while my body sat still on your bench, notebook at the ready,
my passport to posterity. Then, perhaps, I'd see
as you must have seen, where I was going at last.

2. By Dollis Brook: 'In Fond Memory Paddy M'

In midwinter by dark shallows in the park
where I take my new arteries for a Sunday walk
his salute is carved in the seatback. Round here the buggers
prise off plaques, and only aerosols leave testaments
on river wall and derelict wendyhouse. Round here
the wind is hard against the face; you sit with your back
to a Tesco-trolley weir in the muddy stream.
Not a place I'd like to leave my mark; yesterday,
a bit farther on, where the brook slips into the wood
I walked into the past: among lit trees, silent windows
blind with sun, dark roofs cut into infinite blue; a child
descending from mother's call deep into birdsong.
There my memory writes itself, in lattices of
light swaying on water; on whispers in the greenwood.


Blogger don't chase it said...


dear Betty Elborn

I sat on your bench today
and watched the ducks
the water skidded
off their backs
like my emotions do
when I am with people
I care about

does it all get sorted out in heaven?
I hope you are happy there

I wasn't today
when I sat on your bench
but I am still alive
and will make the most of it

I hope you dont mind me
sharing this with you

and of course
you don't answer me back
because you are dead
and I will be one day
but today I sat on your bench
and watched the ducks

(and noone answered me back
because I was alone) (with you)


loved your poems, DavetheF; I have some about benches too - this being one whilst also being (still) (forever?) a work in progress!

1:45 PM  
Blogger DavetheF said...

I find it very weird that we both had the same idea while sitting on a bench. Even the tone is similar...

In my case, though, this is the only bench poem I'll ever write. Can't imagine a whole series of them. Thanks for dropping by.

11:41 PM  
Blogger don't chase it said...

my pleasure

2:41 PM  

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